At CRATERR, we believe in the power of storytelling, and “No Vacancy” is the first of many stories in the CRATERR Universe.  This captivating short film brought together six talented Creators and four iconic Brands in an unforgettable creative adventure.  Set against the stunning backdrop of the Californian desert, our team embarked on a four-day journey fueled by passion, creativity, and a killer script.

From the moment we united at 4 Aces Movie Ranch, magic unfolded as our Creators seamlessly integrated the essence of each brand into the narrative, resulting in a captivating playlist that has entertained and engaged audiences worldwide.


Experience the magic of “No Vacancy” and witness the future of influencer marketing unfold with CRATERR. 

Behind the Scenes Playlist

Armando Ferreira

Cam Mackey

Kofi Yeboah

Brady Bessette

Brittney Janae

Ryan Kao


Behind the Scenes of NO VACANCY with Angelbird

Behind the Scenes: NO VACANCY Project | In Partnership with iFootage

Youtubers On Set || The Kondor Blue Podcast


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