At Craterr, we know your priority is to create!  But we also know the business of being a Creator can take you away from your passions.

Enter CRATERR.  No more drowning in spreadsheets, spending your days on emails, or chasing after payments – we’ve got your back! We are on a mission to empower you as a creator to unleash your full creative potential.  How?  We help you to secure authentic brand deals, partner with like-minded creators, benefit from the synergy of our partnerships and of course, free you from the mundane by handling all the administrative necessities of being a successful and impactful Creator.


Our team has worked on every side of the table. Armando Ferreira has been creating content for over 10 years and has built deep, lasting relationships with brands of all kinds.

Mendy Paul ran B&H Photo’s Influencer partnership programs for over 7 years and now consults with many brands to empower their influencer marketing.

In addition to more than a decade of running a successful production house and marketing agency, Lukas Colombo and Steffi Ewing built Kondor Blue from the ground up with incredible influencer partnerships.  They now help other tech brands build brand ambassadors as well.

We joined forces to launch Craterr and truly make an impact!   We go well beyond deals and numbers — for us, it’s all about the relationship.  As we partner with you, we are a trusted extension of your brand, working to support and empower every aspect of running the business that powers your creative content.  With a strong focus on the Tech, Filmmaking, and Photography world, we started Craterr to ensure that your journey is about creation, not complication.    Interested?  Let’s talk!
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